Monday, September 19, 2011


If NCAA jobs have been on top of your employment wish list then you have come to the right site.  Since 1993, we have been assisting those who have wanted a position in college sports with their needs.  Whether folks come here looking for a coaching job, an officiating position, or their goal is to become an athletic director at a university, we do our best to help you.  

The reason NCAA jobs are so sought after is because ever since many of us were kids, collegiate sporting events have captured our imagination.  We were mesmerized by the athlete we rooted for.  We did everything we could to be as close to them including buying their jerseys, going to their games, and watching their highlights on tv.  We always wondered how it would feel to be part of the experience.  Being that many of us don’t posses the prowess to complete at that level, our best chance is to join their teams as an employee.

An NCAA job application should be your first step to getting a decent paying position with a university.  The NCAA application is what gets your foot in the door.  When completing it on a form or electronically, make sure you don’t leave any information out.  They want to make sure that they have a true grasp of what makes you tick.  If you leave out pertinent info then they may believe you are avoiding questions.  The more professional your answers seem, the better chance you will have for a job interview. 

I really hope my NCAA jobs site gives you the break you need to get the position of your dreams.  Don’t think it can’t happen to you.  You can do anything you put your mind too.  There is no reason you can’t be standing on the sidelines or in the office of a major university someday.  Thanks for letting me help you do so.